Advantages of having a Government Job in India

In India, Sarkari Job otherwise called as Sarkari Naukri has a special place. Let’s view the benefits obtained from a Government Job in India:

Salary benefits

All the departments in the government sector provide decent salaries in accordance to the cadres. The entire government employees can avail TA, DA, rents and other allowances while all of these are included in gross salary. The salary benefits are higher compared to employees working at private organizations with respect to the level of work.  

Job security & limited working hours

Lay-off is a common term heard in many private firms including the MNC’s. But government jobs rewrite the way it works. Govt. employees have almost negligible threat of firing and the not-not-one chances in India are based on worst performance noted on a repetitive failure basis.

Many departments in the Government sector have fixed working hours. And in the similar manner, all the departments work for limited hours as per the policy while signing up a job. The exceptions with departments such as Drivers, Police force, Armed forces, Railways etc may have rotational shifts with limited hours of working.

Bonus & retirement packages

Government employees enjoy a separate package with bonus once a year or partly twice or thrice, depending on the schemes and profits of the organizations.

Post-retirement benefits are something to look at for a Government employee in India. He/she can claim PF, Gratuity and all salary arrears as they drop down after service. They enjoy a peaceful life with pension benefits each month, and all through life.

Health care benefits

When the world is becoming costlier with medical treatments, Government Jobs are beneficial and aid financially for the job holder and family.